Countryside Conversations: Miranda Uechtritz, Founder of Maison Fête et Cie

Countryside Conversations: Miranda Uechtritz, Founder of Maison Fête et Cie


We are absolutely delighted to feature Miranda Uechtritz, Founder of Maison Fête et Cie. Based in both London and Paris, Miranda hand selects treasures from around Europe listing them on her stunning website for antique lovers alike to purchase. Her business also offers a wide range of events and styling services "providing a full design package that includes creative concept building, detailed product sourcing, and production consulting." Miranda's eye for elegance and ability to create enchanting tablescapes, all with a sense of ease, produces memory making moments whether for weddings or intimate dinner parties. Simply put: we are truly inspired by the business Miranda has built and we are thrilled to feature her on our next Countryside Conversations series (all photos courtesy of Miranda and Maison Fête)

Q. What was it like starting your own business? I launched Maison Fête in December of 2020, mid pandemic, after my career in event design had come to a halt, so I won’t lie when I say it was all a bit daunting at the time. I really was throwing everything I had left into continuing my passion for table decor while trying to survive in a jobless global crisis. As I write this, its been six months since Maison Fête began, and like any new business, there have been ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change any of it because now I get to work at my dream job every day. I knew I was passionate about the niche of antique table decor, and I wanted to share that with the world. When you start a business doing what you love, everyday is a risk, but that’s what’s makes it so exhilarating. 

Q. What inspires you? So much inspires me! My mother is an antique dealer, and my father is in exclusive real estate, so growing up we always moved around, rebuilding, restoring, and redesigning the houses we lived in. I learnt so much about interiors, furniture, craftsmanship and hard work, which I believe has given me my passion for design and creation today. Their careers and drive definitely inspire me daily to keep working towards that passion. 

Design inspiration can come from anywhere fro me. I'm always looking at fashion, prints, architecture, interiors and gardens. I get a lot of inspiration from old design books that I’ve started collecting, but the majority of the time it's when I find an incredible set of dishes, ornate cutlery set or antique linen tablecloth that inspires me to design a table around that star piece. Like this antique horn handled knife set pictured - the ornate Art Nouveau design of the silver collars inspired me to create an enchanting secret garden table design paired with layers of terracotta pots, French embroidered napkins, and illustrated menus.  

Q. What has been one of the biggest challenges of having your own business? What's one of your biggest success stories? I'd say the biggest challenge of having your own business is pushing yourself to give a hundred and ten percent everyday, because no one else is going to be there to make you do the work. It's easier when you're passionate about what you’re doing, but there are days when I have to push my self creatively to think outside of the box and come up with new and fresh ideas. 

My biggest success story is becoming a part of The Index at The World of Interiors, a magazine that I have adored for years and always refer back to old issues for guidance. It's a dream come true to be recognised by such an established and world renowned company. 

Q. How do you define success? If you’re doing what you love and what makes you happy each day, you are successful. 

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