Countryside Conversations: Naomi Wilson, Photographer and Content Creator

Countryside Conversations: Naomi Wilson, Photographer and Content Creator


We are absolutely thrilled to have the lovely and fashionable Naomi Wilson, photographer and content creator, as our latest feature in our Countryside Conversations series. I have personally followed Naomi on Instagram for some time now and can honestly say she has some of the best countryside style out there! Naomi's photography and content creation allows viewers to experience joy-filled, peaceful and stylish moments in the English countryside where Naomi lives with her family in Herefordshire. Make sure to follow along @mamasparrowblog and enjoy Naomi's blog, Mama Sparrow.

Q. How would you describe your style? Classic and traditional with a twist. I love surrounding myself with rich colours, fabrics and history, but as I love secondhand shops, there’s always the odd quirky piece that I couldn’t resist hanging around.

Q. What's your version of a perfect, weekend getaway in the countryside? A cosy cottage with a roaring fire, good dog walks and a pub that serves perfect crumble would be the best kind of weekend!
Q. Who has been a role model in your life? I’d say my parents are my biggest role models. Both have achieved so much and are very humble. I’m forever grateful for the sacrifices they’ve made along the way, and if I’m anything like them with my children I’ll be happy.
Q. How do you define success? For me success is knowing my family are happy, healthy and feel that home is a place of peace and filled with love!

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