Countryside Conversations: Ambrice, Owner & Designer at Relic Interiors

Countryside Conversations: Ambrice, Owner & Designer at Relic Interiors

 I am truly thrilled and honored to be featuring the incredibly talented business owner, Ambrice, of Relic Interiors and her newly launched English countryside furniture collection for Relic: "The Chapel Vale Collection." You may recall one of our very first features on the Sea to Skye blog showcased Ambrice and her talents for renovation, antiques, and all things English country style. Read along to hear more about Ambrice's new, limited collection for Relic Interiors!

Q. Would you tell us a bit about the new collection and what inspired it? It’s a limited collection of two and three seater sofas alongside a few other pieces and is basically a manifestation of my borderline obsession with all things bobbin. The designs are inspired by the distinctive and oh so charming Arts & Crafts style bobbin furniture that made its European debut at the turn of the century after becoming popular in America in the 19th century. 

Q. Would you share more about the materials you chose for the designs? Each piece is handmade from stained French oak and are upholstered in either a soft velvet or heavy linen in colours I believe compliment the style (such as rose, dove grey, off white linen, etc). My intention is for the collection to pay homage to the whimsical and charming aesthetic of bobbin furniture while elevating its look with the finishes: hardwood, castors and luxurious yet durable fabrics.

My hope is that this playful but classic design would appeal to modern interiors that combine old and new and I love that it connects the dots between the US and UK.


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