A Cozy Cottage in Wales


English country style

We are thrilled to be featuring Lilian of the cottage cozy Instagram, koekilian. Her page if full of nooks and crannies you could only dream of tucked away in Wales. Lit candles, stone walls and garden foliage are abundant. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Lilian and I'm 63 years young. I love the good life: gardening, animals, wildlife, cooking, foraging for greenery and flowers outside to make nice arrangements for inside. I love to decorate both in and outside our cottage. 

We live in an old woodworkers cottage in the beautiful hills and woods of Wales. It’s just a little cottage with lot's of history and not a lot of luxury but we just love the atmosphere. There is an old Rayburn in the kitchen we use every day and in each room and wood burner, so chopping and splitting wood from our own land is also something I love to do.

English country style

How would you describe your home decor style?
My home decor style is pure simple cozy country style with comfy chairs, a fireplace with real wood and lot's of cottage flowers and greenery from my garden and the woods. And of course animals in the house. I love a bit of color...so for me just my own style.

English country style


English cottage style

What's your favorite room in your home right now and why?
I think I love every room for its own charm ...but I think my absolute favorite is the old dining room because it has so much history and the most beautiful inglenook fireplace . It's more than 300 years old and still so beautiful. I always have to think about the people who lived there so many years ago when I sit in that room.

English country style


English country style

 What are a few items that make a home quintessentially English (especially for American readers)?

I think a bit of different styles, not too perfect and smooth and the cozy snugs you find in all old English properties.

English country styleFor more countryside cottage snapshots, follow Lilian's instagram koekilian

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